Our Family

Our Way

Here at Dobro's, our mission is to make every person who enters that door to feel like a part of our family. We are located on the southeast corner of an unassuming strip mall on West New York Ave and Stone Street, where it was opened six years ago. Started by Philip and Thomas Knott, the "Dough-Bro's" have employed many of their relatives to come and make this family-owned restaurant truly family oriented. Specialists in Chicago-Style deep dish pizza. Voted 2014, 2015, and 2017 "West Volusia Best of the West" award for excellent service, delicious takeout and a wonderful Italian dining experience. See for yourself!

Family Affair

We are a family-run restaurant, always have been, always will be. Here, everyone "gets their hands dirty" and contributes. Because our goal is to make it a family affair when you walk in through our door. As our father Mike Knott once said, "You do the best you can until you can do better, but we're always trying to improve." This is true with us. We are always trying new things to make the customers feel more at home, like you're sitting at your own dining table with your family.